301 Redirects via URL rewriting

URL rewriting is quite an easy way to manage the migration of a website and the page per page redirect process.

Apache Server

The Apache module, mod_rewrite, is typically used to transform URLs from one form to another. It can also be used for permanent redirection. The rewriting rules can be placed in httpd.conf (for server-wide rules), or in .htaccess files (for directory-specific rules).

You can then have 1 rule per page. It's kind of tideous job but quite possible with an Excel sheet, you also have to know that having 1 rewrite rule per page can slow the navigation of your website quite significantly.

What you can do as well is setting up some regular expressions which are going to handle the different possible URLs cases. As regular expressions are not my core competencies I prefer sending you on http://www.regular-expressions.info for more info. 


IIS Server

If your website is hosted on a IIS server you will first need to install a rewriting module. One of the best I have used is ISAPI rewrite by Helicon Tech.

!Attention! you will need the Full version. Its cheap but you'll have to pay. The Free version is not good enough to handle 301 redirection through rewriting.

If you have an old version os Isapi or some of the other rewriting module you will be able to implment the rewrite rules wihtin the httpd.ini or the httpd.conf file of your website. 

The new version of ISAPI enables you to implment the rewrite rules into the .Htaccess file and teh rewrite rules are now very close to the PHP ones.

!Attention! the new ISAPI version also have a rewrite rules converter in order to upgrade from the version 2 to the version 3.