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Google Sitemap for multiple formats

Now you can put everything in the same XML sitemap! Isn't it COOL!

here is the code suggested by Google

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<urlset xmlns=""
      <video:title>Grilling tofu for summer</video:title> 


Matt Cutt SEO Presentation in Paris 

A few weeks ago Matt Cutts was in Paris to have a long heart to heart discussion with a bunch of French SEO. If nothing revolutionary has been said or announced, and no SEO there has learned anything,  the all presentation and Q&A has been very interesting in general and Matt has been very nice and accessible!

Attention -  part of the presentation is in French but as Matt do not speak french anybody should be able to understand. 


PcaMan 30th birthday PLAYABLE Doodle!

Today is PAC MAN 30th Birthday!

For this accasion, Bandai and Google has put a special PACMAN playable version doodle!




Happy birthday YouTube!!

YouTube is 5 years Old now! it's a ig toddler! Join the celebration:


editorial Title revisited with CSS3

Will we soon be able to see these ads: “Sells used Photoshop – As Good as New!”

With CSS3 and HTML5, Adobe must be very worried. PostScript, PDF, Photoshop, Flash ... all will disappear.

After Flash which will become useless, it’s Photoshop for Web Design title to be abandoned. Finally a real web! With the text for text! No more .gif buttons! Goodbye .jpg menus! Hasta la vista  titles in .png! The image will no longer serve as anything else than i-llus-tra-te.

I have proof: Check the screenshot below

To realize this title, the designer has used “background-clip” property. It is not working with all browsers so go and check the link with Chrome CSS3 title.

This News has been (poorly) translated from French