The Buzz and viral section is not going to give any advice on how to launch the best Viral marketing campaigns or the biggest Buzz.

This section is more about the campaigns I have seen and that struck me or even the Buzz you can see all over the web.

Hope you'll enjoy it! Have fun!


The best Ad EVER!

It is going to buzz Soooooooo bad. 

You want to prove you Car has the best turning radius of the market  - Pretty simple - put 4 hot chicks in there and ask em to eat donuts and milk while one of them is driving in circle as fast as she can



Here is the version for the chicks!


The most relaxing music ever

Clinically proven to relax your body even more than a massage!


A billionnaire's Thing

What would you do if you had so much money you wouldn't even know what to do to spend it... well Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan jsut found a way to spend his money. He had his name carved in the Sand so it is visible from space. 



Paco the attack dog

2 armed Robbers were chased off a shop by a 10 Lbs Chihuahua! The news just hit the main stream - At this moment it is 53,000 views but it will be a lot more very soon


ABC's Tv Report


Crazy Marriage Proposal!

What if she had an heart attack? What if she jumps to catch him?