The Buzz and viral section is not going to give any advice on how to launch the best Viral marketing campaigns or the biggest Buzz.

This section is more about the campaigns I have seen and that struck me or even the Buzz you can see all over the web.

Hope you'll enjoy it! Have fun!


Nike rewrite the future... 

As usual for the world cup, Nike gives us an amazing video featuring all the big stars Football can count... only casting mistake, the presence of Ribery... who I think would like to re write his past right now ... in order to have a better future... 


Greyson Chance

Well, the kid has skills we got to give him that... Basically how to become a popstar with a song taped during your school talent show and put on youtube... Greyson Chance - 20,815,141 views so far for the main video and counting. this is THE buzz of the Moment!

Then you go on ellen de Generes, and then .. then sky is the limit


The Sinmpson's Buzz with ke$ha

The simpsons special generic wioth the music of Kesha more than 2,000,000 view in total


Psycho Barking Old Man

This guy is a Star now as he scares teh hell out of his wife!


Heineken Italy Activation Milan AC Real Madrid

Superb Buzz Advertizing from Heineken in Italy, where soccer is most important than everything, especially in Milan!

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