Category Level Page Feed (CLP)


A CLP is meant for Category Level Pages. 

For instance, if you're Best Buy (or even Buy More from the acclaimed TV Show "Chuck"), a CLP could be for the main TV, Computers, DVD etc pages.

Although these pages are usually crawlable, it's often very poor, in terms of content for search engines. Indeed, more often than not, these pages are actually "frames" that get filled by the available products, and or info.

So, from a crawler's point of view, even if the pages are high in the arborescence, they may not be all that "relevant".

Also, these pages suffer extreme competition from all sides: competitiors, informaitonal ressources, reviews, blogs etc. it is hence interesting to be able to "boost" the relevancy of our pages, and to generate additional targeted traffic.

Also, recently, Yahoo! opened up the quick links functions for CLP entries, when ranking 1st.  QUick links on categories are a great way to enhance the click-appeal and click-through rate, and this is 100% exclusive to this niche tool.