Interview - Charles Lewis


Charles "Chuck" Lewis, aka "Poetic Prophet", aka "SEO Rapper

Hi Charles, can You introduce yourself briefly? For people that don’t know you yet.

Briefly....well lets see...All my people call me Chuck, unless they are fans and then its either Poetic Prophet or SEO Rapper, depending on what I'm doing at the time. I love the Lord, my children, the internet and hip hop. I guess that's good for brief.


 How did you come to search / online Marketing?

I started working at a web design firm back in 2001. As the years went by, we changed our focus from building websites to getting the sites ranked. I felt the whole idea of designing and coding a site in a specific way to get better listings in the search engines After doing it for a few years, I became good at it.

What are your core competencies?

Hmm...I do so much everyday in all sorts of industries, it's hard to identify my core competencies. Since we're talking about online marketing, I'd have to say SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. I can design and code also but I those aren't my core.

Can you tell a little bit more about the Webmarketing raps? (how the idea came, etc ...)

It started off as a bet. An old co-worker of mine bet me that I couldn't write a rap about link building for a presentation we were doing. Link Building 101 was born shortly after. That is what started it all. The others came by request from different people and topics I had.

Are you gonna make Any more of them now that you have changed career?

I have several more written already. I've been extremely busy since changing employment and haven't had the time to shoot the videos.

Any clue about which topic is gonna be next?

I can't tell you the topic I'll release...just have to stay tuned...

Were you expecting the success of the SEO rapper persona? How do you live it?

Real talk...I didn't think it would grow like it did. After the 2nd video, I knew it was going to be something special.

What was the impact on Poetic Prophet rappers image?

In regards to the Poetic Prophet, it allowed those fans to see a different side of me.

I have seen the Mo serious entertainment website. How is this going?

Mo Serious is growing at a steady pace. I started it back in high school and it has been growing ever since. We've been doing lots of concert and club promoting lately.

Tell me about StomperNet? don't know about StomperNet? We are marketing giants mostly known for providing top notch content about SEO, PPC, Social Media and other forms of online marketing. Andy Jenkins and the entire team are great. We recently partnered with Paul Lemberg to release a business growth course call FormulaFIVE. You should check it out...

What is your role there?

I am a project manager.

By the way I am gonna look for a job soon... would you recommend Pop labs to me?

Pop Labs is a fast paced creative environment. Not sure what positions are available, but yeah...I'd recommend them.

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