Google adwords

Google is currently the most popular search engine in the world, used for over 60% of US searches, 80% of UK, France, Germany and many european countries searches.

Adwords is the name of the platform where you build, create, and control your Google pay per click campaigns. Adwords is a free service to signup and there is plenty of help resources if you are unfamiliar with the adwords platform.

The main functionality of Google adwords is to create and run adverts on any Google search engine in the world as a sponsored link, current the adwords platform is the only way to do PPC on Google.
The adwords platform gives you a lot of control over your campaign for better performance and efficiencies. You are able to switch campaigns on or off as require and edit ad text with ease or adjust budgets to suit your requirements.
There is no minimum spending required but on a CPC basis you can control the amount you spend by setting budgets to individual campaigns. You only pay for traffic that come from you account, the adwords platform provides detail results of your campaign giving you insights of keyword performances to help shape up your campaign.

On Google adwords you are able to run keyword campaigns to show ad texts on search engines in addition you have the flexibility to display ad texts on the Google content network. For more information on the content network please visit

The Google adwords platform has a wide variety of features, which gives advertisers excellent control of their campaigns. S.M recommends first time users to read the “help” sections on Google adwords or seek training from a local Google adwords qualified person (GAP qualified).

 S. Maini