11 Tips to Fuck Up your Visibility


The following article is a free adaptation of a presentation made by Sebastien Billard from Relevant Traffic SEO agency at the SMX Expo in Paris.

1 – Think about Search Engine Optimization as late as possible

  • Do not think about technical choices that would ease your website crawl and indexation
  • Do not think about the quality of your content

This is the best way to waste your time, your energy and your money. Especially when you are revamping your website, you must think your SEO strategy way after the re-launch of the website, I’d say a few months to be sure you’ll lose everything.
The best thing to do still is not thinking about SEO at all!


2 - Segment your teams

Creative agency, developers, web designers, web marketers, everybody should stay where they belong.

I strongly suggest preventing any communication between them and if so, each team MUST keep its ground! NO COMPROMISES!

Keeping your team member busy with only their area of expertise and preventing the different team to communicate will ensure that no common ground will be found on the technical /semantic/design aspect of your website.

Keeping SEO out of the web development/design process is a good way to fail, especially when the SEO strategy goes against some of the internet common practices.

3 - Temporize

Always postpone to later what could be done today, with a little luck and lots of delays in the website’s implementation, SEO will be forgotten.

4 - Be a GEEKY NERD!

  • Use every single possible new coding gadget, feature – Form navigation, Ajax, Full Flash, video and Image content… Enjoy! 
  • Don’t obey search engines dogmas!


 5 – Act global – Fail Local 

What is more international than a DOT COM!

Don’t make the mistake of using local extensions for your website! Translation is over rated! Don’t adapt your contents to local audiences!  Stay as much centralized as possible!


6 – Do NOT protect your domain name

Just in case your website has a little bit of success and visibility, you must ensure that anybody can come and compete with you on your own domain name. This is the ULTIMATE weapon to fail!


7 - Keep nothing from the past

  • Purely and simply delete obsolete contents
  • Restart everything from scratch every time you revamp


8 – Fire and Forget

Develop and launch some mini site then forget them.

People love mini site, just launch many of them without any strategy behind, so they’ll take some time to acquire some visibility. Don’t maintain them whatsoever and delete them when you’re finished. 


9 – Neglect your link popularity

Do not hunt for incoming links! You’re important! You know you worth more than that! Furthermore, link popularity could ease your in-depth website indexation; this could be more trouble for you.

10 - Bury your content as deep as you can!

The further from the homepage the better, if you increase the number of clicks required to access your pages you can ensure that NO Page Rank will be transferred! If you are lucky enough you will lose internet users and discourage them to ever come back.

11 – Duplicate! Duplicate! Duplicate! Again and again and again!

Ensure that your content is indexed many times, by having session ID in your URLs for example. You can also re use the same content to populate all your website’s pages.