Increasing the website link popularity


Link building is going ot be a lifetime long task. 

In SEO if you do nothing your rankings are decreasing, to maintain your positions in SERPs you will have to look for some new links as long as the website exists.

Do not build your link popularity too fast.  Too many links too fast and the website is going to be penalised.

Quality is a really important factor. It's better to have 10 inbound links coming from 10 authority websites than 100 inbound links coming from small blogs that nobody knows (and especially search engines).

If you manage to acquire around 30 to 50 links a month (depending on the size of the website and the number of existing backlinks) it is already a good result.

How can we obtain good backlinks

First and easiest way ... DIRECTORIES.

There are hundred of thousands of direct links directories. You just need to submit your website with the proper Title and description. Sometime you'll even have the choice on what keyword you will be able to implement. Some Directories now enable deep links.

Some directories will ask you to pay a fee some other won't. It's your call.


Some directories will ask you a backlink in exchange of the listing. You will never do that. Links exchange is less and less profitable to website for SEO purposes so don't waste the few links you have to exchange with a directory. Use them with long term partners which will be more relevant.


As I say in the previous paragraph, link exchange is less and less profitable to websites in terms of ranking. Having said that it won't harm your website to negotiate a few partnerships. Try not to have too many. I would say between 5 and 15 depending on the size of your website.

If you exchange some links you will have to be twice a much careful when it comes to choose your partners.


Having one link on every single page of the website is going to cancel the efficiency of the link exchange. Too many links from only one website is completely useless.

Instead try to ask for a few links coming from selected pages.

IF POSSIBLE TRY TO AVOID THE "useful links" page.

And it's even better when the links are implemented within a coherent content related to the landing page topic. Let's say I am writing a page about fashion and I implement a link to a clothes website.


Press releases isn't only a great way to increase your link popularity, It's very useful as well to protect your domain name, It can be a very good source of traffic and leads. Press releases also enable the deep linking.

For optimal results  in press releases you must follow the following steps:

1 - Try to write a Search friendly press release which may acquire positions - you never know - Please refer to the body parameters and semantic conformity to help you.

2 - Publish this press release on Your website FIRST! - Very important - you an use the news section, The website's blog or create a new page with an article

3 - Submit you press release to online PR websites - Try to find press release website that are related to your business for more relevancy:

Etc ...

Some press release website will allow you to implement some links wihtin the press release text, some won't.. these werbsite have different guidelines that you'll have to follow.


"Link baiting" or how to make other webmaster implement a permanent link to your website. Details of link baiting techniques will be visible on the Link baiting page as this concept is a little bit long to explain.