International SEO Tips


Your operation is small but, there is a lot of potential for aggressive expansion in the rest of the world ... So now we are going to give you a few tips for you to be sure that you company have the visibility it deserves out of its country.


Domain name and website extension


Major search engines all have their local version (,,, etc ...) and these local versions tend to advantage well... local websites. 

So if your website is not the size of Microsoft or any other big corporate company I would advise you to simply buy some domain local domain names:

  • Domain names in the local language if you intend to insert keywords
  • Domain names with the local

During a very long period of time the local extensions were controlled by the local governments and were more difficult to acquire. They are still a sign of quality for websites.


First Advice --> Buying a domain name conform with local language and with a local extension


I.E. for France, for UK, for Italy and for US and international operations


Website hosting


Search tools local versions all have a choice for the results page display:

  • Web - Display results from the All web
  • Pages in country language - Display results only in the same language version the search tool you’re using
  • Pages from country - Only displays website hosted in the country of the search tool version you are using or the website that have the same local extension


Second Advice --> If possible you should host your website in the targeted country (france, UK, Italy etc ...) or work with a company that allow you website to show local IP adresses.


Website Code

Website's code is website's code. So try to code a wbsite as Search friendly as possible (please see the other pages of this website).

Only small difference will be the 2 following tags:


you will obviously fill the tag with the proper language extension, fr=France, de=Germany, en=English, en-us=English US, dk=Danish, it=Italian, es=Spanish.

I have set up a partial list here.


Website Content

It might seems obvious but it is quite recommended to use proper local language to communicate with the natives of a country... So please translate your website correctly, PLEASE! please! DO NOT USE AN AUTOMATIC TRANSLATOR and if possible have your content reveiwed by a native... a real one.

For similar languages remember that Similar does not mean Identical, so be carefull with things such as color / colour, optimization / optimisation etc ... if not you will have a website ... with an accent and you will limit the traffic you can acquire.


Website Link Popularity

As I have said in Offsite parameter Article, link popularity is a VERY VERY important parameter in the search tools relevancy calculation process.

Having some links coming from local websites is going to help your website to be considered as local by search tools.

Third Advice --> Try to acquire as many  links coming from good local website as possible.


Webmaster Tool

Last but not least. Look into your google webmaster tool and modify the geographic target settings. It just takes a few seconds.