"Offsite" or "Off page" parameters - Link popularity


The following factors are called "offsite" or "off page" because they are not directly related to the website's code.

In my view there are only 4 off page factors that really have an impact on a website's ranking:

  • The website's link popularity
  • Factors related to the website geo location
  • The website's history
  • The website's Click Through Rate when appearing in SERPs

Website link popularity definition

Well... the link popularity definition is quite simple - this is the number and the quality of inbound links of a website. (Inbound links: links that point towards your website  -  If you remember the Library analogy, an inbound link is pretty much the same as a quote or reference to your work.)

Basically the more good quality links a website has, the better it is.


How can I increase my website link popularity

It's very simple. Search engines give it to you.

To obtain an idea of your link popularity in Google just type the following command in the search bar:


This command will show you an estimation of the links taken into account by Google's relevancy algorithm - but not all of them.

Yahoo Site Explorer gives you the total number of incoming links your website have. Just type the address of the website you want to test.

How can I identify a good incoming link?

The number of links is not the only parameter which is checked by search engines during the calculation of the link popularity. Indeed,  the quality of the website and quality of the links themselves is watched. So how can we identify a good incoming link?

First of all, a good incoming link is direct, using simple HTML code

<a href=”http://www.mywebsite.com”>important keyword</a>

It's better if the link is text and not an image, because you can implement an important keyword in the link anchor. Anchors have steadily become more and more important to SEO link-building strategies.

The link is implemented on a topic/business related website. If your website is a shoe store, the link should come from a shoe related website.

The link should be gained from a website which already has a good link popularity. The more a website has links, the more it's relevant - as a consequence if a relevant website links your website, it gains a little bit of relevancy.

The link is implemented on a website which is free of search tools penalty. Avoid link farms and dodgy websites.

DO NOT BUY large amount of links, DO NOT USE submission softwares ("thousands of submission in minutes!!").

Why? Because search engines aim at being "objective" and "impartial".  They have then come to an understanding that getting 1000s of links at once, or being published all over the place at once is "fake" and not  a true representation of the relevancy of the given page on the given subject.  They have thus set up means of detecting fraudulant SEO actions, and beware...  they use their tools!

In a nutshell, try as much as possible to think - "Is this website is going to drive me a little bit of traffic?". If the answer's yes, well request a link - if not ... well you know what to do.