Monetizing your website

(for dummies) 

In these times of economic crisis, many people start looking for ways to make money with their website(s) or Blog(s). And to be honnest, why shouldn’t they. I mean, there are a lot of example of people that have made very good money on the web using some website which sometime are quite poor.

I am not talking about making millions of dollars a day,  i am not talking about selling anything or building up a business. I am going to talk about how to make a few bucks more at the end of the month ... that will help,.

In the following I am going to give you the key of monetizing your website but you must first aknowledge that earning money online is very similar as earning money off line - It requires work , time and efforts.

BASIC PRINCIPLES (for website with no service or products)



By "added value" I mean anything you can bring to create an audience to your website/blog. Internet users have plenty of choice, they can spend time on a galaxy of websites and they won't bother wasting time on a website which doesn't give them something back (fun, knowledge, tips, good plans ... whatever).

Before thinking of monetizing your website you must ensure that you are going to attract and keep some internet users with something.

Your website must become a ressource.

You may have nothing to sale or maybe no service to offer, whatever, your knowledges can interest somebody. Your a good cook?! Share some recipe! You have hobby share it with us ...

What can you do with your website/blog


In a nutshell, everything you are going to be able to do online are one way or another related to advertising. THIS is WHY you need an audience!

Anything you can publish will create pages and posts that will be seen by people who are potential buyers. Your website just became an advertising place.
The selection of advertising that can be implemented on your website depends of the topics you are going to cover.


If the subject of your website is gardening, you will attract advertisers who want to sell garden products: Accessories, ranges of products for flower treatment etc ... Similarly, if you talk about computers you can implement advertising related to this topic: computers, web hosting, servers etc ...

Affiliate marketing


Basis of affiliate marketing is the introduction of merchants that sale products or services online to publishers which are going to advertise these products and services.

Publishers (YOU) are generally paid with commissions based on a percentage of the sales or leads they have generated.
Publishers, you and your website are usually paid with commissions based on sales or leads they have sent to the merchant website. The most common type of commissions are “cost per sale” and CPA (cost per acquisition).

Cost per sale - The publisher earns a percentage of internet users purchases made through his site.


15% commission on sales - Internet user purchases $100 through your website, you are going to earn $15.

CPA - The publisher receives a fix reward for every prospect that it sends to the merchant site.


If a merchant sets a price of $50 for each user who will request a quote online. The publisher will receive $50 per Internet that will fill a quote.

The CPA model is widely used in finance related campaigns. (Credit, insurance)

There are many affiliate platforms online and each one of them have many programs that can fit your website/blog topic and your audience.

A few Affiliate platforms URLs: linkshare, pepperjamnetwork, commission junction, linkconnector

!Attention! Some Merchants run their own affiliate programs if you have some favorite merchant website check if the have an "affiliate" or "webmasters" link (usually in the website's footer).


Google Adsense


Your website will be part of the Google Network and will basically display some Google sponsored listing, generally related to your website topic.

The publisher (you) is paid on a CPC basis.

CPC - Cost Per Click, Google returns a portion of the selling price of the click to the publisher.

I.E. Each time somebody click on one of the Adsense on your website, you will earn a few cents.
I my opinion, one website will need a larger audience to make a decent amount of money than if it has sign up to a good, niche affiliate program.

For more info you can sign up to GG Adsense you can sign up here

Banner (online Display Advertizing)


The banners still are a way of monetizing a website with a high range of traffic (several thousand page views per week at least) even though networks have made efforts to adapt an economic model which is transforming very quickly in the web 2.0 (and beyond) era.

Publishers are usually paid on a "CPM" (cost per thousand banner views). The average CPM is on the Internet is between $2 and $100 depending on the topic your website is going to cover and how “niche” it is.

Other payment systems such as CPA or CPC have been established recently.

Just as platforms affiliation is governed many online commercials and different programs, you had to look to find what best fits your site and its audience.

Some advertising network URLs:,, 

Text link Ads


As a Search Engine Optimizer, I recommend my clients to NEVER EVER EVER buy links.

Google and the other dominant search engines clearly established that the purchase link is considered spam and the sites who buy or sale some links risk penalties.

But Hey! I am here to tell you how to make money on your website, white Hat SEO will be discussed in another page.

In most cases, webmasters are paid a fixed amount on a monthly basis for each link on the website.
Price of a link can go up to $400 a month depending on the topic of your website , its quality and its Page Rank .

Some addresses of text link ads companies:,, www.linkworth.comLinkXl,,,,,, or


Very often TLA networks require the publisher website to be developed in in PHP or ASP.

Blog's Special

If your blog talks about a specific topic you can try "Pay per review” programs.

Basically this concept is quite close to text link Ads, advertisers pay $ 50 to $ 500 (depending on quality and Page Rank of the blog) for writing an article about their products or services on your Blog.

There are platforms once more, which are to manage the relationship between advertisers and publishers.

Some addresses governed,,,,


When can I expect the first incomes and how much?


Regarding income, there is no absolute truth.

It is very variable and mainly based on the quality of your site / blog, business sector that you cover and the importance of your audience. I have seen very important sites generate revenues relatively small considering the efforts updating and maintaining them. I have seen small blogs addressing niche topic making large profits.

Each method I describe has its pros and cons. It is your responsibility to choose the method that fit your site, your audience, the topic of your website best. You can also test several methods to select the most appropriate. Where advertisement is implemented is also a factor to consider.


Do not forget that the revenues from advertising are not gifts to webmasters, they are income, and therefore subject to tax.