Most common mistakes in SEO

"what are the most common mistakes to avoid when developping a Search friendly website"

Please find below the most common problems that I have seen on the web and which prevent a proper crawl or good rankings for one website:

  • <Frames> and <iframes> 

Search engine robot technology is not really rocket science and until recently they were not really able to crawl properly framed websites.

You need to think that if one of the framed page acquire a good ranking it will be displayed to internet users outside the initial frameset.

  • Pop ups

The same way than frames, "Targeted" links were not properly crawlable until recently. The same way than frames, you must think that the page is going to be displayed outside its initial background. Historically pop ups have a bad reputation and now most of the internet users have pop up blockers.

  • Javascript

Search egines robots can see Javascript but they do not interpret and read it. As a consequence, all the content included in the javascript code is not going to be taken in account.

Javascript Links are not followed by search tools. This is why it is azdvisable to use a noscript tag to present the content of the javascript differently, in order for the bots to see it, and understand it.

  • Full flash website

You can consider Flash objects and action scripts as Javascript codes. Search engine robots can see it but they do not interpret it. Full flash webistes are completely empty of any written content to search engines. This is why it is a good idea to include an html "story board" within the website, to provide information about the content, which will not be understood by the crawler.

  • Urls with session IDs

Each time a robot is going to crawl the website, it opens a new session which is going to expire before the first internet users can go on the website.  If the website manage to get a position, internet users are going to land on a page that does not exist anymore.

Thats pretty much what happens when you click on a snippet that show relevant textual ifo, and you end up on a sign up for a forum. Not cool.