Product Level Page Feed - (PLP)


PLP, as the name says, is for Product Level Pages.

Which e-merchant can be sure at all times that his full and exhaustive inventory is accurely indexed online?  That not a single product is missing from the index, and that no indexed product is actually out of stock, or discontinued?

Well, noone, expect those having entered the SSP program.

Why? Well, even if you set up regulmar crawl dates on ytour site, and do you best for maintaining a live site map, covering your entire inventory, you have NO control on how long the bot will take to process the info, nor how long it will take for the info to be rendered on the SERP.

What SSP offers, for these pages, is a daily indexing, which removes the risks mentionned above.

No more clicks for products that dont exist anymore, no more lost sales for products you had, but that were not visible!

And controlled costs! Unlike sponsored search where you define bids, SSP functions on a rate card. So if you're selling electronics, you'll have a given CPC. if you're selling nutritional complements, or apparel products, you'll be given another one, and whatever the volume, or the positioning, you"ll always be charged the same amount per click (CPCs are also greatly lower than the ones observed in sponsored search.... which a maximum of$1/click on categories such as loans and refinancing.