Sponsored links solutions

Useful links for webmasters to start the ad campaign or start to monetize their websites:


Google Adwords program is a MUST DO if you want to start to advertise your business online. Google is the most use search engine on the web and offers lots of solutions to advertise worlwide as well as locally.


Yahoo Search Marketing

Second most use search tool over the world. Yahoo also is a must if you want to advertise your website in Japan and most of Asia where it dominates the market. Like Google, Yahoo offers a wide range of solutions for small and big businesses


MSN adcenter

Microsoft Adcenter. Thrid most used search tool over the world your Ad campaign cannot be complete without it. Traffic may be lower than the one sent by Google but in my experience it worth it anyway because the conversion rate is slightly Higher.


 ASK Sponsored listing

ASK sponsored listing. Until quite recently Ask was using Google Adwords results for its sponsored listing. I think people should use this solution. A little bit of competition in search marketing world won't harm in this world where a lot of people risk "google Dependency"