Yahoo Paid Inclusion: Search Submit pro (SSP)


You all know that we are dependent on the natural crawl of your website by search engines to appear in their index and we all agree that this can be a lenthy process, even if using the utmost techniques to ensure a quick and complete crawl.

So Yahoo developped a product to overgo these issues:  the Paid Inclusion Program.

In a nutshell, what SSP is, is a direct injection within the Yahoo index of an optimised xml feed, to make sure that the urls you want/need to have indexed are indeed indexed, and that the robot understands fully what the pages are about.

This program is only accesble through accredited resellers, which then have to be using accredited technologies they are called "trusted feed generator".

There are 3 accredited trusted feed generator worldwide. RealMedia 24/7 has one, NetBooster Group has another one and the thrid licence belongs to PositionTechnologies.

We'll see in details the specs of this great tool in the following sessions.