They have Big Muscles Too!


Marie Volut

what else to say, else than she's great?  Well, she also knows what she's talking about! 

She discovered the web like any "kid from the 80's", when she entered teenagehood, and has basically never logged off ever since.  This beyong-normal interest for the web brought her to the Euro GooglePlex for a while, where she was part of the SQE team. (You know, the team that will eventually REMOVE your website from the Google index if you cheat and do not follow the Big G guidelines).

After a while, she went back to her hometown, beautiful Paris, and went to work on the other side of the fence, where people were looking for ways of ranking higher in Google,  instead of penalizing whoever had done a nasty and spammy job at pushing their sites up.

So, trust her when she gives sound bits of wisdom concerning SEO techniques, but also when she talks about other SEM techniques. Especially SSP, as she's the recognized european expert on this niche product.