The 11 twitter users profiles

You have a twitter account and you use it regularly? Discover the different profiles of twitter user you can encounter across the web. Have a good look at these you are one of them… or maybe a mix of them!

The “Newbie”

  • He just discovered Twitter. He signed up to see what everyone is talking about (probably because these friends are already on it)
  • The Twits have little interest
  • His motivation: curiosity, a sense of belonging
Example: "I ate a sandwich at noon" or "Listen to the latest Gorillaz"

The “Brand”

  • For him Twitter is a new channel to promote his brand to new prospects
  • He uses his twwets to convert his followers into prospects
  • He would like to post loads of tweets but he can’t because he lacks time and topics to cover
  • His motivation – to promote his company and its brand
Example:  Release of our new product today. What do you think? - 

The “Social media whore”

  • He knows every single social media channel and he uses them all to publish or promote his articles
  • His tweets inform you about all his professional life
  • He’s got a lot of followers but nobody really follows him
Example:  “the 11 twitter profiles -” or “7 meetings today – it’s gonna be a looong day”

The “Star”

  • He uses twitter because it’s “Fashion”
  • His tweets describe is daily life, his glory, his fame
  • His motivation generating buzz, bonding with his fans
Example:  “Spend the evening with Nicole Richie in Miami South Beach club”  or “i wonder if United Airlines will serve margaritas inflight in honor of cinco de mayo” (the second one is an actual tweet – Guess who?)

The “Expert”

  • He is an expert in his domain and he shares regularly knowledge with his followers
  • He very often has built a very close bond with his followers and interact often with them
  • You already have re-tweet some of his posts because they are interesting 
  • His motivation – being acknowledged as an expert
Example: “Apple launch the Ipad - ” or “discover the challenges of Steve Jobs search engines project”

The “boy scout”

  • He is very useful and answers people questions on how to use Twitter and helps his followers
  • His tweets are always useful
  • His motivation – Just helping people
Example: How to customize the background of your Twitter account

The “Bot”

  • It is a robot and automatically give answers to pre defined questions
  • Its tweets are completely useless
  • ts motivation – none – the developer just wanted to show off, win a bet or whatever … 


The “Spammer”

  • He often has the appearance of a young cute girl next door and want you to sign up to see his pics
  • He spams twitter as he would spam any other channel on the web
  • Some might think that he posts useful tweets … but nah… they aren’t … they jsuta re useful for him to make a few cents a month by selling Viagra, nude pics or anything else anyway
Example: “get rich on internet with” or “click here to see my private pics – sign up to prove your 18”

The “Fake”

  • He managed to open a twitter account before his target or managed to hack the original
  • He tries to impersonate the persona he hacked and sis tweets look like the ones of the victim  
  • His motivation usually some sort of spam or impact the e-reputaiton of the victim one way or another


The “reporter”

  • He posts 50 tweets a day and he is almost in real time
  • His tweets are the “Breaking news of the day”
  • His motivation – to post the maximum of real time news to the maximum of followers
Example: “Times Square car bomb suspect arrested -” or  “Patches of oil within 2 miles of Louisiana bayous-” 

The “Emotional / gossipy”

  • Very often a woman
  • She tells you every emotion she has during the day and you always know if she is happy or sad
  • Her tweets aren’t really interesting, unless  you are writing her biography 
  • Her motivation – Just sharing because you know… women are like this…
Example:”OMG - the tinylittlecutedoggie pic - ” - “raining today :-( I am sad”
Article written by EKO on the Excellent E-humeur Blog and translated (Poorly) by le-juge. Image credits @ngnews