Top Level Page Feed


What's the Top Level Page of a website? Well, it's the homepage.

Then you could think: "Why would I need to submit my homepage into the index of Yahoo"?  Indeed, all search engines are all very happy to tell you to post the url you want them to crawl. But, you dont really know when your page will be indexed, and from there, you don't know how regularly it will be updated.

What Yahoo Search Submit Pro offers through its TLP offer is a total control over their displayable message.  That means total control over the title and description, which can be different according to the query typed by the user, or daterange-related. 

Lets see what this mean from a practical perspective.  For this, assume you are the owner of, a large flower delivery website.  Entering your site into the TLP program would mean that you will be able to configure at once the following:

A title and description marching your brand query, anothere title and description for users looking for "flower delivery", another one for "rose bouquet" etc etc.

It also enables you to configure ahead of time, specific messages like the holiday season, halloween, easter, mothers day etc etc. 

And you are GUARANTEED to see the proper message at the proper time!!

Top level pages listings also present the advantage of showing "quicklinks" which natural listings do not have.

I.E. on the keyword "Hotel", 5 of the top 10 "natural" listing of yahoo are TLPs,,, and are using Yahoo SSP technology.