Why it is good to acquire NoFollow links ANYWAY!


NoFollow probably is one of the most discussed and controversial HTML attribute of the web.
A large majority of users and even some SEO believe that it prevent search engines robots to follow eventual incoming links your website have,  prevent the crawl of your website and of course that these external links lose all their value in term of link popularity and “Page Rank”.

Well you can’t be more WRONG!
Let’s have a closer look at all the good things NoFollow Links can bring to your website:


The NoFollow attribute does not prevent Internet users to click !
You can receive loads of traffic coming from websites, blog, Twitter and other social media stuff with NoFollow links whether or not they have a an impact on your ranking.  Your ultimate goal is to generate business, and its related to the traffic you’ll receive… Well NoFollow links can drive some


Even if they brought no weight in Google algorithm, they provide Relevancy/Authority/Brand Awareness
If you think about the link with the internet user prospective, the link is just a way to go from one resource to another one.  SEO is too often limited to search engines; a link on a website is a chance to be found by internet users somewhere else. “SEARCH” marketing is about being “FOUND” wherever it is. On the branding side, the anchor of the link still can show some keywords which are going to be associated to your website, it can also show your brand name, your domain name etc …
Your website is going to inherit of part of the authority of the website you receive a link from… it’s not link juice, it’s authority juice and it’s good to have some even if you can’t track it accurately!  Let’s  dream a little and imagine that tomorrow Bill gates decide to put a link on the homepage of www.Microsoft.com that point to m y website with the anchor “BEST SEO OF THE WORLD” but in NoFollow just to piss me off… well somehow I am pretty sure that Google will take that into account.

Google is not the only search engine on the face of the earth!

When we talk about NoFollow, common knowledge is that they do not have any weight in algorithm off search engines.  Well got news for you! Bing and Yahoo take the NoFollow links into account and they still represent 30% (maybe a bit less) of the search engine market. I also heard some rumors that say Google would take them into account anyway but a lesser extent.


We all have witnessed at one point or another, (black Hat SEOs witness it every day) the negative impact the acquisition of suspicious incoming links can have on the ranking of a website (sandbox, 6th page penalty etc …) . Well if your website is increasing its link popularity fairly quickly and that you only have DoFollow / anchor optimized links. What might happen is that your website is going to look kind of more suspect than another website mixing natural DoFollow and NoFollow and various anchors.

Finally, despite the fact that Matt Cutts stated formally that the NoFollow links are not crawled by the Google crawler, these links appear in Google webmaster tool listings.
So I hope this non-list you will convince you that the NoFollow link are not useless ones  and that  one site could benefit from them. Too often underestimated, they can bring a genuine plus to your site, not easily measurable, but nevertheless real.

Article translated and modified from SuperBibi Blog